As a dealer, DTE values the significance of service after sales and indeed the whole cycle of business is based on a process approach where customer focus is maintained as the highest priority. As such, service after sales is deeply embedded into the core of DTE’s business operations that ensures customer satisfaction and hence the sustainability. Customers’ commitment to operation is evident every day, but that doesn’t minimize the enormous pressure customers face to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. The machines are prone to high wear and tear by the sheer nature of their work but with DTE’s trained and experienced technicians, customers can rest assured that top-notch service professionals are readily available for any maintenance needs. DTE values minimum downtime and maximum uptime of the machines and not only does DTE provide on-site/mobile repair and maintenance services, customers can also avail off-site repair and maintenance services through DTE’s full-fledged service centers in Thimphu and Phuentsholing. In DTE’s emphasis on continually enhancing the service delivery, the company has a pool of competent and experienced service personnel who have well demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the field. Amongst many others, DTE provides the following major services:

  1. Engine overhauling
  2. Solenoid pump overhauling
  3. Swing motor overhauling
  4. Bucket hardfacing and rebuilding
  5. Track link overhauling
  6. Track shoe overhauling