Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Speedcrafts Bitumen Mobile Hot Mix Plant are extremely compact and entirely self-contained bitumen and aggregate mixing plants, trailer mounted on 4 nos. pneumatic wheels with drawbar and turntable to ensure easy towing. All controls are within easy reach of the operator.
Easy accessibility to all parts and lubricating points for regular and quick maintenance has been given utmost importance in design. All materials used are of correct and specified grades and are properly tested.

Type & Model

'Speedcrafts' Bitumen Mobile Hot Mix Plant, Model SBM-10, capacity 6/10 mt. per hour, generally conforming to IS:5890.

Power Unit

Powered by Simpson S4(I) / Kirloskar RB-33 water cooled diesel engine developing 41.5/37.5 bhp @ 1500 rpm with 12 V electric starting arrangement. The unit is fitted with a power take-off clutch and reduction gear box.


A bucket elevator is provided, which discharges aggregate into the drying cylinder through the feeding ring.

Drying Cylinder

The drying cylinder is 2 mtrs. in length and of 0.70 mtrs. diameter and is fitted with replaceable lifting flights. It discharges heated aggregate into the storage ring. It is supported on two roller tracks running on 4 nos. guide rollers and is driven by chain and sprocket wheel.

Aggregate Burner

A single burner, having approximate fuel consumption of 28 ltrs./hr. is fitted to the discharge end of the drying cylinder. The fuel consumption depends on the condition of the aggregate. A fuel pump is provided for feeding fuel and the air is supplied by means of an air blower.

Air Blower

It is driven by the engine through a v-belt and is of suitable capacity for the burners provided.

Storage Ring

The storage ring is fixed to the discharge end of the drying cylinder and is fitted with lifting buckets which discharge the hot aggregate into the batching chute.

Batching Chute

The batching chute is suitably designed and has a fixed volume. The discharge of hot aggregate from chute to paddle mixer is by means of a lever which carries out two operations simultaneously- it opens the radial door for discharging the aggregate into the paddle mixer and also closes a deflector plate at the top of the chute to prevent any material being discharged into the chute while the radial door is open. A thermometer is supplied to register the temperature of the stone in the chute.

Drum Hoist

A wire rope hoist is provided with lifting frame for easy and convenient loading of bitumen from barrels into the boiler.

Bitumen Boiler

The bitumen boiler is of adequate capacity and is provided with a burner and suitable heating arrangement to prevent the bitumen from catching fire.
Air is supplied from the blower. Molten bitumen is lifted by means of a bitumen pump through a pipeline into the bitumen bucket. Approximate fuel consumption of the bitumen burner is 11 ltrs./hr.

Bitumen Feed Pump

A bitumen pump is provided with the bitumen boiler. It is driven by chain and sprocket from the line shaft.

Bitumen Bucket

A calibrated bucket is provided in which the molten bitumen is collected for discharge, as required, into the pugmill. The quantity of bitumen can be metered through a 3-way cock connection.

Mixing Drum

The aggregate and bitumen are mixed in a separate paddle mixer type drum, fitted with two paddle shafts mounted with arms and tips which rotate in opposite directions. The shafts are gear driven and mounted on lubricated gunmetal bushes. The paddle tips are coated with special hard facing alloy to give them longer life in operation and are also replaceable. This arrangement provides positive mixing and gives a homogenous mix. The contents are discharged through a door at the bottom which is operated by a hand lever.


A chimney is provided to draw out the hot gases. A sliding door is also fitted which collects the fine dust in the chimney box. This dust may be fed back into the feeder. To facilitate transportation, the chimney can be folded.


The whole unit is mounted on a strong chassis of welded and bolted construction with rolled and folded steel sections and fitted with 4 nos. pneumatic tyres. Four strong mechanical parking jacks are fitted to the chassis.


Insulated bitumen boiler, overrun and parking brakes.