Concrete Conveyor

The Concrete Conveyor is ideal for operators who require to supply ready mix concrete mixture in 300 degree arc. The conveyor is based on swinging principle and allows pouring of mixture in different directions as per requirement to fill the extended form-works and footings despite of truck being stationery. The conveyor is easy in maintenance and functions with total reliability. The equipment is manufactured in collaboration with French technology and are ideal for sites from short to medium distance. These machines are appreciated for easy usage and less maintenance requirement.


  1. Highly Cost Effective
  2. Can be operated by one person
  3. Low Maintenance Equipment
  4. Easy to Service
  5. Better Economy and Lower Capital Cost compared to Pumps
  6. Can be deployed at short notice
  7. Can be mounted on truck chassis
  8. Easy to maneuver as the booms are hydraulically operated
  9. Controlled speed of pouring facilitates a wide range of uses
  10. Any grade of concrete can be poured
  11. Prevents segregation
  12. Conveys concrete in difficult to reach areas
  13. Prevents double handling of concrete
  14. Up to 4 transit mixers can unload simultaneously on one conveyor
  15. Economical Operation and Excellent Profitability.